North Dakota Film Directory

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Production & Creative Services
Carlos Quintero
QBusinesSolutions, Inc.
Casting Directors, Narrators, Voice Talent
Commercial/Corporate, Documentary, Features and Shorts, Multi-Media, Still Photo, Television
Animation / Motion Graphics, Colorists, Editing Facilities: Film & Video, Editors: Video, Stock Photography: Motion & Still
Cameras/Equipment, Grip, Lighting Equipment
Art Directors, Set Designers, Assistant Directors, Associate Producers, Camera Assistants/DITs, Camera Operators, Choreographers, Directors, Directors Of Photography, Lighting Directors, Producers, Still Photographers
Advertising Agencies, Digital and Interactive
Phone Number: 701-729-7378
Mike Jensen
North Dakota Department of Commerce, Tourism Division
Location Managers, Location Scouts
Film Offices
Gina Footh
Lostwood Media
Commercial/Corporate, Documentary, Features and Shorts, Still Photo, Television
Audio / Recording Studios, CD, DVD Authoring and Programming, Colorists, Duplication, Replication Standards Conversion, Editors: Film, Editors: Video, Stock Photography: Motion & Still
Camera Dollies, Rigging, Mounts, Composers, Arrangers, Jingles, Music Directors, Supervisors, Music Producers
Graphic Design
Phone Number: 701-629-0142
Marek Dojs
Editors: Film, Editors: Video
Camera Operators, Directors, Directors Of Photography
Jason Bedard
Dead Horse Productions, LLC
Camera Vans / Trucks, Cameras/Equipment, Expendables, Production Supplies
Boom, Jib, Crane Operators, Camera Assistants/DITs, Camera Operators, Directors Of Photography, Dolly Grips, Electricians, Gaffers, Grips, Key Grips, Best Boys, Lighting Directors
Phone Number: 701.367.4436
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