NDstrong and ND Tourism are here to help you find the best North Dakota locations for your project and to minimize red tape during each shooting day. In order for us to achieve this goal it is important that any production looking to shoot in North Dakota follow a few simple steps.

Step 1: When considering North Dakota as a filming location, fill out a Project Information Form. This form is for our records and will give us a better idea of your project so that we can best serve you moving forward. Along with this completed form, it is a good idea to send along any preliminary materials that may help in the pre-production process. Examples of these materials include locations breakdown and conceptual artwork or images.

Step 2: Once you decide on North Dakota as a location for filming and draw nearer to principal photography, please fill out a North Dakota Filming Permit. This form gathers all of the necessary information our office needs to begin assisting you in securing locations for filming. It is important that you be as clear and detailed as possible with the North Dakota Film Permit so that we can streamline your permitting process.

Step 3: After the Project Information Form and the North Dakota Filming Permit have been filled out and returned with all necessary documentation, NDstrong and ND Tourism will help you secure those locations that we can assist with, excluding private property negotiations.

Municipal and Public Property

Most municipal and public property can be obtained as a filming location with advanced notification, proof of insurance, and appropriate usage fees. Generally, municipal or public locations require proper permitting paperwork to be filed at least one week prior to filming. As with any logistical issue pertaining to your production, the most lead time possible will help us minimize red tape. NDstrong and ND Tourism is here to help you contact the proper authorities for these locations.

Private Property

Shooting on private and corporate property always requires permission from the owner and/or management of that location. Securing these locations and appropriate location agreements is the responsibility of the production. NDstrong and ND Tourism can provide letters of support and, in some cases, contact information. If you are seriously considering a location, approach the owner or manager about your plans and negotiate for its use. Please remember that property owners are not obligated to accommodate your production.

Roads and Right of Ways

Filming on North Dakota roads and right of ways requires notifying the appropriate city or state agency that oversees the thoroughfare as well as the proper law enforcement department. All appropriate paperwork must be filed in advance and the filmmaker will need to cover appropriate usage fees. Usage fees will vary depending upon the project but often require hiring off duty police, security, or barricades to ensure a safe work area. Due to the fact that roads may be under the jurisdiction of multiple agencies and departments, it is important to contact NDstrong or ND Tourism for permitting assistance.

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