‘American Honey’ – Credit: Photo courtesy of A24

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‘You Beautiful Blind Crazy Cripple’ –  Credit: Daniel Bielinski

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‘Heads or Tails’ – Credit: Adam Dyess & Brent Braniff

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Film ND

NDstrong is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that serves as a film resource for the state of North Dakota. We host a directory of media activists in and around the state, educate students of all levels, and provide opportunities for hands-on experiences in film.

North Dakota has many scenic and open landscapes that are perfect for any film production. The beautiful prairies and the rolling hills add a unique touch to any film set. NDstrong has helped filmmakers from all over the globe find what they need for any production looking to visit the legendary state of North Dakota.


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If you are an actor, writer, director, or any other type of artist working in the film industry – or would like to get involved in film work – Join the North Dakota Film Directory and create your personal/business profile page.



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