Honoring International Women’s Day
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Professional Membership
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Writer’s Bootcamp – “International Women’s Day is this Wednesday, March 8th.  Last week MSNBC quoted a statistic that women in the workplace are on average paid only 80% of what men earn.  Writers Boot Camp would like to continue to do our share to bridge the gap by providing 20% off any Pro Membership sign-up in LA, NY or One-on-One from anywhere in the world.

We’re sending this one-time 20% tuition discount toward Professional Membership to support the voices of women and diversity.  In fact, in Writers Boot Camp’s alumni community a higher percentage of writers and their major credits in TV and film have been achieved by women through the 28 years of the company’s history.

Save 20% Even on a Payment Plan

Already very affordable on a monthly payment plan of only $200-300,  we are offering this incentive to encourage more alumni and friends to work at a more successful pace beyond the first-draft process.  Every new Pro Member will also receive the seven-week Basic Training as a gift, whether live for the 2-Day Immersive start each month in LA or One-on-One, though Basic is never a prerequisite for starting as a Pro Member.

The 20% tuition discount can reduce your payment plan by up to 12 months and if paying upfront, which already saves 30% compared to the lowest-deposit plan, you will effectively receive the Live Pro coursework for half price.

If you have been wanting to be productive at a higher level and

get that it’s necessary to commit to a writing regimen and to sustain many stages of work through multiple scripts to scale the true learning curve, then we’d like to support your effort through Professional Membership.   

The history of alumni success and the expansive list of awards and credits in movies, TV and other areas of entertainment is truly remarkable.

–70+ feature films made in the past five years alone, including an Oscar winner
–Staffed on top TV series, including numerous creators and show runners
   (Three writer-producers on the Golden Globe-nominated This Is Us)
–Dozens of name actors and filmmakers creating vehicles
–Highly-skilled and respected executives and producers industry-wide
–More than 500 books and novels published


Just 10 Hours Per Week–Don’t Stand on Ceremony!

Once you have 10 hours available per week for writing, there are no other prerequisites.  Coursework starts the very week you choose to commit 10 hours.   

Writing with direct support of staff, maintaining a regimen to meet deadlines, testing ideas more thoroughly and breaking down the rewriting process–and doing that relevant work–are all key benefits, along with the social aspect of Project Group and the overall foundation for a career.

The professional value of completing at least two scripts annually in only 10 hours per week lies not in the particular projects but in the experience and process of learning to fully develop ideas and to rewrite effectively.

Working efficiently with unique tools in 10 hours per week will empower you to better manage time when YOU DO QUIT YOUR DAY JOB and are writing on a real-world deadline.

While the 48-session, 21-month commitment can seem daunting, most alumni looking back see how fast the time flies, especially when you’ve been productive amid the life challenges that naturally compete with your 10 hours per week.  Just think how fast this year flew by.

Email jg@writersbootcamp.com by Thursday, March 9th to be eligible for the special rate.   Feel free to send questions and to schedule a time to talk.

All the best on Women’s Day, which for us is every day!”

The Secret to Writing…Is Writing.
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