Special Diversity Deal: 50% Savings on Basic Training,
the first-draft course founded 28 years ago this March  
February Sessions for Diverse Principal Characters & Subjects
Sign-Up Deadline This Saturday, February 4 by 4pm
If you have a movie or TV pilot idea, we’ll help you write
the script in seven weeks in just 10 hours per week. 
To do our part to support a wider range of voices and artists, we’re offering a Diversity Deal of half off the $995 regular Basic Training rate for the upcoming session in February:  That’s an equivalent scholarship to diverse writers of $500 to reduce the tuition to only $495 starting in LA Friday and Saturday, 24th-25thBasic Training Syllabus

The Diversity Deal can also apply in February to One-on-One Basic Training, with the additional advantage of not waiting for a class date and starting as soon as you pick your first week available to set aside 10 hours for writing.
We have a long history of diversity support, including our nine-year initiative with Fox Diversity that remarkably launched half of all participants to television staff writing jobs.

While this educational emphasis is always evident in our day-to-day mission, this month’s Diversity Deal can further inspire and ignite additional initiatives, for new writers and verging veterans alike,  impacting the range of Oscar candidates (and other recognition) in the near future!
Please email rhasaan@writersbootcamp.com  by 4pm LA time Saturday (February 11th)  to be eligible for the Diversity Dealwhether in LA, planning to visit LA or to take the course without leaving your home city One-on-One. 

We’ll reply to your email with the sign-up sheet and details whether for yourself
, a gift for a friend, family member or colleague. 
BTW, no other offers or creative currency on file may be combined with this deal.
Call 310/998-1199 for additional questions.

The Secret to Writing…Is Writing.

Basic Training sessions are held live each month in LA, with a format evolution of a two-day immersive start to each session and weekly teleconferences that are recorded for convenience.  This allows writers and filmmakers around the world to launch new projects while visiting LA on business trips.

Writers Boot Camp coursework enhances material conceptually, and this special opportunity fosters the focus on diversity as well, whether you are of heritage or commit to material with diverse principal characters and subject matter, including women as lead characters. 
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